Publication per faculty
Number of papers published in peer received journals by faculty and students 13
Number of publications listed in international database 5
Chapter in books
Books edited
Books with ISBN/ISSN numbers with details of publishers 02
Citation Index, SNIP, SJR, Impact factor, h-index 01

Publications of Books with ISBN:

S. No. Title of The Book ISSN / ISBN No. and Year Publisher Staff members
1 Business Research Methods ISBN: 978-81-8094-125-2 MJP Publisher, Chennai Dr.R.Prabhu
2 Organisational Behaviour ISBN: 978-93-5119-181-0 Biztantra Publishers, New Delhi Dr.R.Prabhu

Publications of Books without ISBN:

S. No. Title of The Book Staff members
1 Business Policy and Strategy Dr.A.W.Unas
2 Emerging Innovative Marketing Strategies in the Tourism Industry Dr. P N Raghunathan

Publication of Articles in peer reviewed Journals:

S. No. Name of the Journal Title of the Paper ISSN / ISBN Vol No. & Month Staff members
1 Emerging Paradigms in Management Research Overview of Rural Marketing Volume-1, ISBN No. 978-93-80686-96-7, February 27-28, 2014 Dr.A.W.Unas
2 Competency Building Strategies in Business and Technology Empirical study on Impact of Performance Appraisal of Executives of Indian Bank Volume I, February 25, 2014 Dr.A.W.Unas
3 Journal of Commerce and Management Research A study on the effectiveness of performance appraisal for the executives of the Indian Bank Volume 3 and Issue 2 during June 2013 Dr.A.W.Unas
4 Kaveripakkam College Journal of Management Research


Challenges for grooming next generation Strategic Managers Volume 1 and Issue 4 during July-Sep 2012 Dr.A.W.Unas
5 Kaveripakkam college of Journal of Management research Marketing of health insurance product Vo.4, NO.11 Apr – Jun 2014 Dr. R Sakthivel & K T Thomas
6 Journal of contemporary research in Management Effectiveness of communication in HRM Vo.8, NO.3 July-sup. ISSN: 0973-9785 Dr. R Sakthivel & V M Ramesh
7 Kaveripakkam college of Journal of Management research FDI in Indian retail sector. Vo.3, NO.9 oct – Dec 2013 Dr. R Sakthivel & B Reneshan
8 Indian Journal of Applied Research Factors influencing the customers to utilize the fast food services Volume 04, issue 04, April 2014. Dr. P N Raghunathan
9 International Journal of Commerce & Business Studies, Investors’ Awareness on Mutual Funds Services in Coimbatore District, Volume 2, Issue 2, April-June,2014, pp. 01-09, © IASTER 2014, Print 2347-8276., ISSN Online: 2347-2847

Dr. P N Raghunathan
10 International Journal of Economic and Management Strategy (GBS-JEMS) Factors Influence the Consumers to Utilise The Leisure Services ISSN :2278-3636. Paper accepted to be published within a month


Dr. P N Raghunathan
11 Organisational Management Journal Performance of Foreign Direct Investment inflows in India, since liberalisation. Vol XXIX, No.1 April-June 2013 ISSN No. 0975-699X Mrs. K.karthikai
12 Kaveripakkam college of Journal of Management research Scenario of Foreign Direct Investment in India and China. Vol 1, Issue No. 10.Jan-Mar 2014, Impact Factor – 2014- 5.4723. Mrs. K.karthikai
13 JMS- Journal of Management and Science,


Factors influencing the choice of organized retail outlets and the behavior of the consumers in Coimbatore city ISSN-2250-1819/ESSN 2249-1260. Vol2.No.3.Sep2012, pp.34-39 Dr.R.Prabhu
14 INCONMGT Annamalai University, Chidambaram.


A study on the organized retail store attributes salience and the shopping behavior of consumers in Coimbatore city 2012, ISBN: 978-93-82338-10-9, pp. 135-140. Dr.R.Prabhu
15 Globalisation and Consumerism-Issues and Challenges, Regal Publications, New Delhi-110027. Retail Vegetable Markets and Consumer’s Behaviour-An Analysis Chapter- 9, 2012, ISBN: 978-81-8484-133-6, pp.88-99 Dr.R.Prabhu
16 ICMEB, LIBA, Chennai. Does FDI mean Fortune Diverted out of India? Consequences of Liberalizing FDI in Retail in India 2012, ISBN: 978-81-8286-015-5. pp.384-386. Dr.R.Prabhu
17 SJCC Management Research Review Student Online Buying Behaviour using Social Networks: The Case of Facebook June 2012, Vol.2, No.2, ISSN-2249-4359


18 International Management Research Review Mc Donalization of a Nation – A Study on the Social Influence of Multinational Fast Food Chains in Malaysia March 2012, Vol-I, Issue-II, ISSN:2231-2501


19 International Journal of research In Management & Social Science Capitalizing On Six Degree Separation Theory for Social

Media Recruitment

Volume 3 , Issue 1 (I) , January – March 2015,

ISSN: 2322—0899


Areas of consultancy

S. No. Name Organization

Faculty as members in
a) National Committees –
b) International Committees –
c) Editorial Boards –

Student Projects

a. Percentage of students who have carried out in house projects
including inter-departmental / programme : 100% in the Final Year
b. Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside the institution/industries
and other agencies : 20%

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