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Dr.V.Muralidharan M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D.

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Controller of Examinations

Ever since the College became Autonomous in 1987 - 1988,the Office of the Controller of Examinations has been functioning. The entire process carried out in the office of Controller of Examinations is fully automated. For all the entries such as Student information, Marks, Examination, Application, Attendance, etc., OMR is used in order to avoid errors. Generation of students' Register Number, Hall Ticket and Examination Application Forms and checking eligibility for writing the examinations are fully computerized and automated. Thus, the chance of errors/favoritism is completely eliminated and confidentiality is maintained.
The evaluation is both formative and summative. The former known as the CIA (Continuous Internal Assessment) has written tests (I Internal and II Internal Tests) centrally organised by the Controller's office. The other components are taken care of by the teachers handling the subjects and comprise Assignments, Seminars, Group Discussion, etc. The CIA marks are read out in the respective classes and later displayed in the departmental notice boards.

Students are free to bring to the notice of the HOD any discrepancies. The discrepancies are rectified and the final CIA marks are sent to the Office of the Controller of Examinations.

The summative examinations are conducted at the end of the semester after the publication of the CIA marks. The passing minimum for UG is 40% and PG is 50%. In summative examination, for all the scripts, dummy numbers are assigned to maintain confidentiality. Centralised evaluation is conducted for both UG and PG Semester Examination scripts.
Results are passed in the Result Passing Board Meeting, and Mark Sheets are issued to students within a reasonable time. Students are permitted to improve their performance in SE in the subsequent semester, if desired. Besides, students can have their semester answer scripts revalued by paying a nominal fee.

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The Office of the Controller of Examinations gives top priority to the welfare of students. All genuine requests of students are promptly attended to.

Controller of Examinations,
Government Arts College (Autonomous),
Coimbatore - 641 018,Tamilnadu,India.
Tel: 0422- 2224155


The CIA consists of two organized written tests with 25 marks for each. Out of two tests, the better one will be considered. It is expected that the staff member in-charge of the course explains the modalities of the evaluation pattern adopted for each course at the beginning of each semester. The mark statement of each CIA component, evaluated by the staff member, is handed over to the Office of the Controller of Examinations on the dates specified in the College Calendar.
Two series of organized written tests (I Internal and II Internal) of 2 hours duration each are conducted in the course of around 40th working day and 80th working day respectively in each semester, as indicated in the calendar. These written tests carry a weightage of 25% marks for each written test for UG and PG.

The Question paper Pattern of both organized written tests for CIA and Semester Examination (SE) includes
  • (i) Short answer type questions
  • (ii) Paragraph essay type questions
  • (iii) Essay type questions
  • (iv).Annotations
  • (v) Case Studies to evaluate the various skills in learning

The evaluated answer scripts are returned to the students within 10 days from the date of the conduct of the tests and the marks are displayed / read in the Department. Any irregularity in the conduct of any CIA component should be brought to the notice of the HOD concerned / Controller of Examinations & Principal for clarification or remediation.


  1. The request for revaluation should be submitted in the prescribed Application Form. The Application can be downloaded from the college website. A fee of Rs. 350/- per paper for UG students, Rs. 450 per paper for PG students and Rs. 550 for MCA students should be paid in the UCO Bank, Govt. Arts College branch and the challan must be enclosed along with the application.
  2. Original Mark Statement SHOULD NOT be enclosed. Enclose a Xerox copy of the Internet Result along with the application.
  3. Requisition for revaluation must reach the Controller of Examinations within 10 DAYS from the date of publication of results.
  4. There is no provision for revaluation of practical examination.
  5. Incomplete / defective application will be rejected and the revaluation fee will neither be refunded nor adjusted towards any fee.
  6. Revaluation result will be sent to the Department concerned.

Rules and Regulations

Rules on the conduct of the CIA components, disciplinary action taken against students indulging in malpractice and the basic requirements for the students to appear for the Semester


A student must obtain 75% of attendance per semester in order to appear for the Semester Examinations. If a student get 65% - 74% of attendance, he/she will be permitted to appear for the semester examination only after paying the Condonation Fee of Rs. 400/=. If a student does not fulfill the requirements of attendance he/she must repeat that semester. The detailed rules and requirements about the attendance are given in the College Calendar.


  • Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) is a mandatory requirement for all the students.
  • There is no minimum mark for CIA.
  • A student has to pass in the external semester examination as well as score the passing mark in aggregate (40% UG & 50% PG).


In case of malpractice in the internal tests and semester examinations, stringent action will be initiated through the College Examination Committee.

Time Ceiling for Completion of Degree

The Academic Council permits UG students to complete their course within six years (3+3) and PG students within four years (2+2) (except for MCA). If there is any change in the paper due to change of syllabus, the equivalent paper identified by the respective HODs will be the paper for SE. Previous CIA mark will be considered for obtaining the Degree. A UG student should get an average of 40% in SE as well as in combining the CIA & SE and PG students should get an average of 50% in SE as well as in combining the CIA & SE for passing a subject. There is no CIA improvement. If a student lacks attendance, he/she has to repeat the semester.

Role of Honour

Sl.No. Name Period
2 Prof. V. SADASIVAN JUL.89 - JUN.90
3 Dr. P. K. MURUGAN JUN.90 - JUN.91
4 Dr. K. MANIAN JUL.91 - AUG.94
5 Prof. P. KUMARAVEL AUG.94 - JUN.98
6 Prof. G. GOVINDARAJ JUN.98 - AUG.01
7 Prof. M. MOORTHY SEP.01 - FEB.02
8 Dr. T. ILANGOVAN MAR.02 - MAR.04
9 Prof. K. GANESAN JUN.04 - JUL.06
10 Prof. N. SELVARAJ AUG.06 - MAY.09
12 Dr. O. B. PRAMOD KUMAR JUN.13 - MAY.16