Controller of Examinations

Controller of Examinations

Ever since the College became Autonomous in 1987 – 1988, the Office of the Controller of Examinations has been functioning. The entire process carried out in the office of Controller of Examinations is fully automated. For all the entries such as Student information, Marks, Examination, Application, Attendance, etc., OMR is used in order to avoid errors. Generation of students’ Register Number, Hall Ticket and Examination Application Forms and checking eligibility for writing the examinations are fully computerized and automated. Thus, the chance of errors/favoritism is completely eliminated and confidentiality is maintained.

The evaluation is both formative and summative. The former known as the CIA (Continuous Internal Assessment) has written tests (I Internal and II Internal Tests) centrally organised by the Controller’s office. The other components are taken care of by the teachers handling the subjects and comprise Assignments, Seminars, Group Discussion, etc. The CIA marks are read out in the respective classes and later displayed in the departmental notice boards. Students are free to bring to the notice of the HOD any discrepancies. The discrepancies are rectified and the final CIA marks are sent to the Office of the Controller of Examinations.

The summative examinations are conducted at the end of the semester after the publication of the CIA marks. The passing minimum for UG is 40% and PG is 50%. In summative examination, for all the scripts, dummy numbers are assigned to maintain confidentiality. Centralised evaluation is conducted for both UG and PG Semester Examination scripts.

Results are passed in the Result Passing Board Meeting, and Mark Sheets are issued to students within a reasonable time. Students are permitted to improve their performance in SE in the subsequent semester, if desired. Besides, students can have their semester answer scripts revalued by paying a nominal fee.

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The Office of the Controller of Examinations gives top priority to the welfare of students. All genuine requests of students are promptly attended to.

Controller of Examinations,
Government Arts College (Autonomous),
Coimbatore – 641 018,Tamilnadu,India.
Tel: 0422- 2224155

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