Economics Since 1948

Awards/Recognitions received by faculty and students:
Doctoral Fellowship:

S.No. Name Qualification
1 Nil

Number of awards received by Faculty:

S.No. Name Award Year
1 Dr.K.Shobha Certificate of Appreciation from Global Journals, USA Dec 2012
2 Dr.K.Shobha Certificate of Appreciation from Global Journals, USA Dec 2013
3 Dr.K.Shobha Certificate of Excellence from International Journal of Applied Research and Studies, Nigeria 2013-14
4 Dr.D.Elango Best Placement Officer by TCS through Bharathiar University Mar’2013

Awards received by students in sports and extracurricular activities:

S. No. Name Class Award Events Place Year
1. R.Nanthakumar II BA (E/M) Certificate of Appreciation Marathon 2013 Coimbatore 2013
2. R.Nanthakumar II BA (E/M) Camp Certificate Directorate of NCC New Delhi 2014
3. B.Kalaiselvi II MA II Prize Malcom & Elizabeth Adiseshiah Award PSG College, Coimbatore 2015

List of eminent academicians and scientist/visitors to the Department:

S. No. Academicians / Visitors Name of the College

Dr. S.Jayaraj

Professor, Bhairdar University, Ethiopia
2. Dr. V.Selvaraju Consultant, World Bank

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