English Since 1965

Awards Received by Faculty

S.No. Name Award Year
1 Dr.C.Muralidhara Kannan PK Das Memorial Best Faculty Award 2012
2 Dr.M.Muthukumar PK Das Memorial Best Faculty Award 2013
Awards Received by Students

S.No. Name Class Award Events Place Year
1 Julish Kumar, Kaviya Ilavarasan, Sithappan III B.A.
I shift
I Prize Cultural Events Providence College, Connoor 2014
2 Kaviya Ilavarasan, Sithappan, Mukil Chakravarthy III B.A. I shift Participation certificate Cultural Events Kalaignar College of Technology 2013-2014
3 Kaviya Ilavarasan, Sithappan, Mukil Chakravarthy III B.A. I shift III prize Exotica NGP College of Arts 2015
4 Vignesh Harshavardhan I B.A. I shift Best Cadet Award NCC Camp 2014
5 Karthik Kumar I B.A. I shift C. M. Trophy II prize Hockeyp Erode 2014
6 Sachin Kumar, Tippu Sultan, Ajay III B.A. State Level Quiz-Participation Quiz Pudiya Thalaimurai TV channel 2014
7 D. Sameena Maxima
K.S. Pooja
A. Tesi Anusha
R. Sri Vidhya
S. Vijay
P. Nandha Kumar
II B.A. II Shift Participation Variety Entertainment All India Radio, Cbe 2014-15
8 R. Sri Vidhya II B.A. II Shift I prize Kho kho, relay, long jump NCC camp 2014
9 C. Indra II B.A. II Shift I prize Kho kho, relay, athletics, TSC- Delhi NCC camp 2014
10 B. Sudharsan III B.A. II Shift I prize Cricket Bharathiar University 2013,14

Eminent Academicians And Scientist/Visitors to the Department

S.No. Academicians / Visitors Name of the College
1 Dr.Om.P.Juneja President, ICCS, Ottawa – Lectured on Literary Criticism, date 27.09.2014

Seminars / Conference / Workshops organized & the Source of funding

Date Name of the Resource person Topic of the Lecture Source of funding
28.02.2013 and 01.03.2013 National Conrference Dr.W.S.Kottiswari,Dr.P.Ravichandra,Dr.E.Bennet Contemporary Literary Theory UGC

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