Extension Activities

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Extension Activities

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:

Teaching methods adopted by the faculty: Interactive and Activity-based teaching methods are used in classrooms.
The language lab is used to screen plays prescribed in the syllabus

Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension Activities
Extension Activities of Faculty:

S.No. Name of Faculty Type of Activity Date and Year
1 Dr. S. Nalini Study Abroad Programme–Selection Of teachers and students 23.1. 13
2 -do- Chief Guest, Eng Lit. Asso. Avinashilingam U 9.8. 13
3 -do- Inspection Committee, KSG College–Member 22.8.14
4 -do- Inspection Committee, Nandha College–Member 24.11.14
5 -do- Inspection Committee, Park College–Member 3.10.14
6 -do- Inspection Committee, Vellalar College–Member 29.3.12
7 Dr. K. Ravindran Secretary of Welfare Foundation for the Blind
8 -do- Board of Studies Member KSR College, Tiruchengode
9 Dr. U. Sumathy Guest Lecture at CMS College, Cbe, 20.8.13
10 -do- Guest Lecture at Krishna College, Cbe 24-8-13
11 -do- Guest Lecture at NGM College, Pollachi 28-1-14
12 -do- Guest Lecture at Kongunadu College, Cbe 7-4-14
13 -do- Inspection Committee, Subash College Pollachi-Member 18-8-14
14 -do- Resource Person Faculty Development Program, Amrita Univ. Cbe 30-8-13
15 -do- Resource Person Faculty Development Program 12-12-13
16 -do- Resource Person Refresher Course, BU, Cbe 15-9-14
17 Dr. Rajalakshmi Inspection Committee, GVG College Udumalpet, Member, SNS College, NGM Pollachi, NGP Coimbatore
18 Mrs. A. R. Chitra Sankara College, Inspection Committee Member 20-5-13
19 Dr. A. Aruna Inspection Committee, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Cbe-Member 22-7-14
20 Dr. C. Muralidarakannan Guest Lecture at Avinashilingam U, Cbe 21.2.12
21 -do- Guest Lecture at Nirmala C, Cbe
22 -do- Guest Lecture at Vidyasagar C, Cbe 10.2.12
23 -do- Guest Lecture at Kongu Arts C, Erode 25.7.12
24 -do- Guest Lecture at R.V. C, Karamadai 3.8.12
25 -do- Resource person at Refresher Course, BU, Cbe 18.5.12
26 Dr. V. Umadevi Inspection Commission Convenor, Narayana Guru, Cbe
27 -do- Inspection Commission Member, Navarasam C, Erode May 2014
28 Mr. G. Subramanian National President of JCI 2014

3. Nallichettipalayam-2013
4. Pillur dam- 2013
5. Karumathampatti-2014
6. Children Orphanage-2014
7. Coimbatore prison – 2013

NSS Students Activities:

Students of English literature belong to the fourth unit of NSS. They actively involve themselves in the activities of the
said unit and have participated in the camps conducted in the following villages:

  • Vadakallur – 2012
  • Semmedu – 2012
  • Nallichettipalayam – 2013
  • Pillur dam – 2013
  • Coimbatore prison – 2013
  • Karumathampatti – 2014
  • Children Orphanage – 2014

In all these camps they have taken up cleaning and awareness-raising activities.


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