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Dr.K.Chitra M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.

Our college has consistently remaining among the Top 3 Government Colleges

Government Arts College (Autonomous) Since 1852

The Government Arts College (Autonomous), Coimbatore was established in the year 1852 by the British Government. This College is one of the best Government Institutions in Tamilnadu. Top beaurocrats, administrators, defence personnel and high profile politicians are alumni of this institution. It was conferred autonomous status in the year 1987.

In 2012, the college was re-accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC. Admissions to the college is coveted by students due to the exceptional guidance offered by highly qualified teaching faculty. The ultimate aim of education is to make a person knowledgeable and well informed and offer him / her life skills so that one can earn one’s livelihood. In today’s world it would certainly be myopic to look at any educational programme purely from the job placement point of view. In the present scenario of economic turbulence an educational programme / College that would ensure a long term benefit such as sustainability rather than a short term promise of job placement should be chosen. Government Arts College has been known for its quality education not only pertaining to academics but also overall personality development of the students.

As globalization has reached the education sector, the college has geared up to grab new opportunities, and thus the Tamilnadu State Higher Education Council has entered into collaborations with universities in U.K. These collaborations enable the college to offer students programme in U.K. Universities. So far, many post graduate students have completed the post graduation programme under the foreign study programme. The college also offers a unique Degree course in Defence Studies. A student can pursue this Degree course during Shift II. This Degree course will be a great advantage to all students who aspire for uniformed services.
The teachers use learner – centric teaching – learning methods to cater to the diversity in the aptitudes, intelligence, learning styles and interests of the students. They use non-traditional teaching methods and tools in ICT. Co-curricular and extra- curricular activities including sports are encouraged to ensure multi-dimensional personality development of the learners.
Our college has consistently remaining among the Top 3 Government Colleges in Tamilnadu. Research scholars in all the departments are contributing research articles in reputed journals.