Rules and Regulations

Controller of Examinations

Rules and Regulations

Rules on the conduct of the CIA components, disciplinary action taken against students indulging in malpractice and the basic requirements for the students to appear for the Semester


A student must obtain 75% of attendance per semester in order to appear for the Semester Examinations. If a student get 65% – 74% of attendance, he/she will be permitted to appear for the semester examination only after paying the Condonation Fee of Rs. 400/=. If a student does not fulfill the requirements of attendance he/she must repeat that semester. The detailed rules and requirements about the attendance are given in the College Calendar.


  • Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) is a mandatory requirement for all the students.
  • There is no minimum mark for CIA.
  • A student has to pass in the external semester examination as well as score the passing mark in aggregate (40% UG & 50% PG).


  • In case of malpractice in the internal tests and semester examinations, stringent action will be initiated through the College Examination Committee.

Time Ceiling for Completion of Degree

  • The Academic Council permits UG students to complete their course within six years (3+3) and PG students within four years (2+2) (except for MCA). If there is any change in the paper due to change of syllabus, the equivalent paper identified by the respective HODs will be the paper for SE. Previous CIA mark will be considered for obtaining the Degree.

A UG student should get an average of 40% in SE as well as in combining the CIA & SE and PG students should get an average of 50% in SE as well as in combining the CIA & SE for passing a subject. There is no CIA improvement. If a student lacks attendance, he/she has to repeat the semester.


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