Statistics Since 2003

Seminars / Conference / Workshops organized & the Source of funding

Date Name of the Resource person Topic of the Lecture Source of funding
27-8-2014 Dr. P. Yageen Thomas Results on Concomitants of Ordered Random Variables which are useful in Bivariate Modelling Problems University Grants Commission, New Delhi
27-8-2014 Dr. R. Radhakrishnan Six Sigma in Quality Control
27-8-2014 Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan Bayesian Acceptance Sampling Plans – An Overview
27-8-2014 Dr. R. Rajarathinam Construction of Pairwise Balanced Design
28-8-2014 Dr. J. Subramani Sampling From Finite Populations
28-8-2014 Dr. K. Senthamaraikannan Introduction to outliers and its applications
28-8-2014 Dr. K.K. Suresh Application Of Statistical Models In Industrial Product

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops attended

Date Name of the faculty Name of the seminar / Conference/ workshop Organized by
27-28, Aug 2014 Devaraj Arumainayagam.S Recent Developments in Statistical Models and Methods – 2014 Department of Statistics, Government Arts College, Coimbatore
27-28, Aug 2014 K.Subramani
27-28, Aug 2014 S.DevaArul
27-28, Aug 2014 R.Sampath Kumar
27-28, Aug 2014 G.K.Balachandran
27-28, Aug 2014 M.Palanivel
27-28, Aug 2014 S.RaviSankar
27-28, Aug 2014 P.K.Sivakumaran
27-28, Aug 2014 P.K.Deveka

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