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Our college has consistently remaining among the Top 3 Government Colleges

Government Arts College (Autonomous) Since 1852

The library has a prominent role to play in supporting higher education to fulfill objectives of its institution. Students in higher education are to be provided with the facilities necessary for mastering the subject matter, techniques, skills, habits of thought, and methods of work in their chosen field. Classroom instructions alone will not provide all the opportunities needed for attaining all these complex educational objectives. It is here that libraries come to help students. The college library is a collection of sources, services and the building in which it is housed. It provides access to various resources in order to support teaching, learning and research activities.

Dr.S.R. Ranganathan Father of Library Science was worked as a Maths Professor in Government Arts College Coimbatore.

Government Arts College (Autonomous) Coimbatore, Library was fully equipped in the year 1923. It is located in 5200 sq.ft.with separate building. It has 34,135 numbers of books in various disciplines. We subscribe 30 Indian Journals, 10 International Journals, 18 Magazines and 10 Daily Papers. Each Department (23 departments) have a separate library with more than 5000 books.
The Library is open from 9 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.
The Facilities and Services available in Library:
  • 1. Special Collection for Competitive exams. (Civil Service, SET,NET Bank etc.,)
  • 2. Separate reading room for Staff and Students.
  • 3. A digital library with 12 Computers connected with Internet.
  • 4. CD, DVD, access/writing, Scanning and printing facility for users.
  • 5. Bar Coded identity for all books
  • 6. Online User Entry
  • 7. Reference Services
  • 8. Reprography facility available to the users
  • 9. Digital Library- NLIST
  • Audio Library Facility For Visually Challenged
    The library has a separate lab for visually challenged students. This lab is equipped with computers that have special software and DVD players. Training programs are conducted for the Visually Challenged Students.
    Library Rules and Regulations
  • 1. Library and reading room are open to all students and staff of the college.
  • 2. Every student/staff should scan the ID Card/sign the register at the entrance while entering the library.
  • 3. Open Access system is followed in the library.
  • 4. Books are issued to the students on all working days of the college from 10 A.M.-4 P.M.
  • 5. Reference books will not be issued.
  • 6. The period of loan will be only 14days for students and one month for staff.
  • 7. Renewal of books will be allowed for students and staff.
  • 8. Students must return all the library books at the end of every semester exam.
  • 9. Transfer certificate will not be issued to the students unless all the books due from them are returned.

  • Faculty of Librarian

    1 Dr.V.CHANDRA College Librarian Click Here To View Profile